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Types of Cannabis Hydroponics Systems

Types of Cannabis Hydroponics Systems

Crop King Marijuana SeedsThe Hydroponics system, even though it may sound as a complete system, actually has many different types. To sum it all, here are the following types of cannabis hydroponic systems: Wick System, Ebb & Flow, Drip Systems, DWC (Deep Water Culture), NFT (Nutrient Film Technology), Aeroponics & Aero Cloners, as well as Fog Technology. To start with, a wick system may be any device from your home that can elaborate wick setups. Most of the time, they are passive systems, meaning they are not moving. The nutrients are drawn to the growing medium coming from the reservoir with the use of a wick.

Ebb & Flow is done by having the nutrients and the water raised from a contained medium, and then afterwards, draining them again back to the reservoir. Unlike the first system, this is a passive system, and certain kits come with a complete list of tools and equipment needed for the setup. The only enemy of this system is power outages and other failures caused by the timer and pump. Drip systems are implemented by means of applying water directly, yet slowly to the medium. There are two key factors involved in the success of this system. For one, the water is absorbed by the soil before it evaporates. Also, water is applied only where needed.

DWC is oftentimes referred to as Bubble buckets. This is, by far, one of the easiest to implement among all hydroponic systems. A certain platform takes hold of the plants which can be found directly on the solution. An air pump is used to supply air to the plant’s air stone which bubbles for the nutrient solution, supplying oxygen to the plant’s roots. NFT, on the other hand, uses a consistent flow of nutrient solution, and generally uses a submersible water pump. The implementation becomes complete as the nutrient solution is pumped back to the growing tray, flowering on the roots, draining them back to the reservoirs.  Aeroponics and Aero Cloners is the process used to grow a combination of nutrient/water air and mist, that is sprayed in an environment that is enclosed using very little medium.

The last hydroponic system that we will discuss is the Fog technology. This is oftentimes called Fogponics. It is definitely the latest strategy in using the newest innovations in nutrient delivery technologies. It has been inspired by NASA research, giving the name aeroponics. With this system, all water borne pathogens are eliminated, which results to the production of the largest and healthiest root system.

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