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Weed Dispensary: What is It and How do they Sell their Weed?

Weed Dispensary: What is It and How do they Sell their Weed?

Smoking pot is good, isn’t it? Yet, it’s quite difficult to obtain Mary Jane because of the strict policies and rules regarding it. Nevertheless, you don’t want to take risks as much as possible upon obtaining it illegally or else you’ll be put to prison. However, the good thing is that there are ways to obtain and use it safely without hiding to anyone in public. One of the ways that you could do is search for a weed dispensary and give it a visit. If you’re curious enough on these weed dispensaries, then let’s try to learn more these weed selling establishments regarding what its about and how do they sell these ‘goodies’ into it.

What is a Weed Dispensary?

Generally, there are two types of weed dispensary depending on what your purpose of utilization. Though one differs from another, these both dispensaries offer different cannabis services to the people. Also, the existence of either type of weed dispensaries could be controlled depending on the country’s policies and rules.

For starters, let’s get to know first the type of weed dispensary that directly translates to what it should be.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

According to Meriam’s Webster Dictionary, a dispensary is an organization or facility that gives medical treatment to people. The facility includes emergency response services, firefighting, and primary care services. A dispensary must have a regular doctor and nurse that would be present or called on their duty of service.

Thus, a weed dispensary on its direct translation refers to an area or facility where weeds are given and sold to exclusive patients suffering from a prescribed illness that could be mediated upon marijuana treatment or exposure. Otherwise, the patient should be mandated with a doctor’s medical prescription in order to apply for membership to any weed dispensary. Aside from that, regular doses and their intake are mandated and strictly controlled by a cannabis administrator (a doctor or a nurse could be).

Unlike recreational, medical cannabis dispensaries are heavily restricted with rules and policies. First and foremost, you should be legal of age, 18 years old and above to be able to use a medical weed. You’ll be able to smoke weed exclusively to every doctor’s consultation. Thus, weed utilization is quite limited and too constraint. However, you’ll be given intended privacy with a cannabis-partner to talk and interview you. Aside from that, a regular documentation and record taking will be allowed to make adjustments on cannabis dosage and to note on the progress of your condition.

Depending on the place you lived in, there are specific diseases that you should suffer to allow membership to any medical cannabis dispensary. Commonly, diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDs, and Alzheimer’s disease are just a few that are allowed. Symptoms of severe nausea, pain, and seizures are also permitted to enroll for membership on any medical dispensary.

Nevertheless, as said, it all depends on where you live. If you’re interested, then it’s best to check in your local state or country laws to find out more regarding this information.

Recreational Cannabis Shops

After the establishment of medical cannabis dispensaries on the late 1970s, policies have been passed to allow recreational cannabis shops. Until in the early 2000s where recreational cannabis dispensaries are being allowed. Not literally referring as dispensary rather as shops or cooperatives, these so-called ‘cannabis dispensary’ are often become later associated with medical cannabis dispensaries and had been referred also as a weed dispensary.

As the term itself, these dispensaries that ain’t needing any medical prescriptions in order to sell weeds. These shops sell and offer weeds directly into their customers with a weed menu organized according to THC level and strain type. Usually, the highest THC percentage is the most expensive to buy. Aside from that, these type of dispensaries also often take form as coffee serving shops or a restaurant serving coffees, teas, and foods infused with marijuana on it.  Other than that, there are weed dispensaries that also delivers weeds directly within the area. In contrast with head shops, these dispensaries do not sell any drug paraphernalia or any materials such as bongs and pipes.

As a trivia, the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary and at the same time delivery service was opened in San Diego California in 2015. There are countries in the world legalizing marijuana had allowed opening these shops including Uruguay, the Netherlands, and few states in the United States.


Finding the Best Cannabis Dispensary for Me

Whether you’re a recreational or medical cannabis fan, you should never buy immediately just to any dispensary as much as you wanted. With the strict policies and guidelines on cannabis use, it’s best that you’ll be able to search a cannabis dispensary that is suited for your purpose. Also, it should be legally registered to avoid further complications.

When visiting a cannabis dispensary, it should be noted that you have to bring the following if possible;

  1. A valid and unexpired ID or passport. This is to easily identify your age, name, and citizenship. You should be above 18 years old (for medical dispensary) or 21 years old (for recreational) to be able to enter the dispensary.
  2. A medical recommendation or certificate (for medical dispensary). This document is to assure that you’re legally subjected to any medical cannabis treatment.
  3. Be polite and respectful to everyone. Always wear a greeting as much as possible and be disciplined whenever you enter a dispensary. Follow the rules and guidelines within the dispensary so that you’ll never get into trouble.
  4. Be patient when waiting for your turn. If you have questions, then ask courteously without being rude or arrogant.

Entering any medical dispensary is not quite easy. You’ll be judged by few conservatives and other people who are anti-cannabis. Thus, you’ll just have to deal with it and respect their opinions. Most importantly, always follow the cannabis laws in your area and check for any developments to not get imprisoned or sanctioned unknowingly.




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