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What Is Top Feed Grow Systems in Growing Weed

What Is Top Feed Grow Systems in Growing Weed

Growing weed needs discretion these days. Because of this, several methods have been implemented in order to make sure that the position as well as the safety of the grower is maintained and uncompromised. Hydroponics is one of the most effective ways in growing in an indoor environment.

Under hydroponics, there are systems that can be implemented, depending on the preference of the grower, along with several other factors. Among the systems is Top Feed Grow, also known as Top Fed Deep Water Culture, or sometimes fancily called Bubbleponics.

The Bubbleponics Technique

When growing marijuana using the bubbleponics technique, you can expect to have consistent huge yield, thus allowing for a faster harvesting time as compared to other growing method. This is by far, the easiest technique to ensure a high yield in marijuana growing.

The advantages of growing marijuana with the use of the bubbleponics technique include consistent high yields as compared to the amount of nutrients, light, as well as time that goes to every plant. At the same time, quick growth can be expected with a low maintenance after the setup. Also, it does not need much space. As a matter of fact, it may even be setup even in smaller spaces such as closet.

The disadvantages of this technique include the need to work more in order to set the system up.  Since the roots of the plant grow directly in water, you may experience issues with root rotting as well as other root concerns. However, even though these problems exist, they are quite easy to prevent. Also, because it is very important to maintain the right temperature in a hydroponics setting, this method may not work well with HID lighting, unless you have a good exhaust and ventilation system. This system works well with either MH or HPs lights as long as the temperature is kept under good control.

The basic idea under top feed grow systems is that you feed your marijuana plant with nutrient filled flowing water coming over the roots through the reservoir in the water below. With this technique, the roots are hung without the medium so as to get the best access to oxygen, water, as well as nutrients. If you feel that you are not yet familiar with how this system is grown, you may join forums and threads in order to get more information from expert growers.

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