As marijuana continues to surge in terms of popularity these days, many are now beginning to use cannabis in Canada and in the United States. Though weed has always been the world’s most popular plant, it has only grown exponentially in terms of popularity because of how Canada and certain states in the US have legalized it.

Since then, more and more Canadians are now self-medicating using marijuana buds and products. And if you are aware of the recent developments in weed in Canada, you must know that there is a shortage. That is why you might need to grow high CBD seed strains in Canada if you want to self-medicate.

Using marijuana for medical purposes is not an entirely new thing. In fact, it has always been used medicinally ever since ancient times. Its fame today is also largely because of how it can be used for self-medication and for other medical purposes. As such, marijuana stands as one of the best natural medicines you can use for a myriad of illnesses and conditions. This is due in large part to the CBD you can find in cannabis.

What is CBD?

If you ever think or hear about marijuana, you will most likely associate it with its tendency of making you feel “high”. This feeling of getting high is linked to cannabis’ psychoactive properties. In that sense, marijuana makes you feel high by using its psychoactive properties to enhance your senses, give your body a feeling of heaviness, and distort the way you see and feel things.

Marijuana’s psychoactive effects are mostly linked to the many chemical compounds you can find in them. These are what you call cannabinoids. The most popular and most abundant cannabinoid is delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as THC.

THC works by binding itself with the CB1 receptors found in the brain. CB1 receptors are responsible for anything that is related to pain, coordination, movement, and mood. In that sense, THC can alter the way our brain perceives pain and improves our mood while also distorting our coordination a bit. That is why those that the psychoactive effects you get from THC tend to make your senses feel a bit distorted.

Because THC can improve mood and relieve our bodily aches and pains, cannabis strains with high THC levels are not only used for their psychoactive effects but also for their ability to help treat a lot of medical conditions. As such, high-THC marijuana can also be a good option for anyone looking to self-medicate.

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However, THC is not the only popular cannabinoid found in cannabis. It also isn’t the only chemical compound that can help us in a medical sense. In fact, the second most abundant and second most popular cannabinoid has been found to be more beneficial to us when it comes to treating illnesses and other medical conditions. That compound is what we call CBD.

Cannabidiol or CBD is, as mentioned, the second most abundant cannabinoid you can find in marijuana. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive and, save for a few rare instances, cannot make you feel that psychoactive high that THC tends to induce. It also tends to counteract the psychoactive effects you get from THC. As such, it can be considered the complete opposite of THC.

CBD works by binding with the CB2 receptors in our brain. These receptors are associated with anything that is related to our immune system and pain as well. That is why when CBD binds with CB2 receptors, our immune system tends to improve and our body also perceives pain a bit different.

Along with those effects, CBD is popular for its ability to heal bodily aches and pains. High-CBD cannabis strains are also effective for treating muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, and even seizures. In fact, a child named Charlotte Figi once had to suffer through over 300 seizures in a single week because of her condition. However, after getting treated with CBD, her seizures drastically reduced to about a very manageable number. And, in her honor, a high-CBD strain was named after her.

Charlotte’s story, as well as other studies that show how effective CBD is at treating many illnesses and medical conditions, is one of the many reasons why medical cannabis is legal in many countries and states all over the world. And, in most of those places, people can get their hands on medical cannabis from medical dispensaries if they have the proper papers.

That said, if CBD has a lot of therapeutic and medical benefits, why not isolate it from the rest of the cannabis instead? Well, there actually exists an isolated form of CBD. And if you might have guessed, it is called CBD isolate.

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What are the things you should know about CBD isolate?

  1. How they are produced

CBD isolates are produced by extracting the cannabidiol compound from hemp (which only has trace amounts of THC) and select strains of cannabis (particularly ones with high THC levels). As such, because only this chemical compound is extracted, CBD isolates tend to be at least 99% pure.

In the past, chemicals were used to extract CBD from marijuana plants. However, because the trace amounts you can get from chemicals such as butane can be harmful to the body, a cleaner version called CO2 extraction is now more widely used.

CO2 extraction tends to filter out all of the CBD-rich oil from the hemp plant and high-CBD cannabis strains. By using this process, the CBD isolate is as pure as it gets and almost no plant material or even THC gets extracted together with the CBD. In this sense, there are no terpenes or other cannabinoids included in the isolated CBD compound.

  1. Great for supplementing THC products

If you are already medicating yourself with THC products (in the form of dried flowers or oils), then you might want to improve the effects of your medication by using CBD isolates. By doing so, you can increase your CBD intake without having to add more THC to your medication. And the best part about this is that the additional CBD will counteract the psychoactive high you can get from your THC medication. So, in a sense, you are able to maximize the health benefits of both THC and CBD.

  1. Ideal for pure CBD medication

The truth is that not everyone can benefit from the effects of THC. Some people also do not like the psychoactive high you can get from THC. And, if you are too young or if you do not have a particularly high tolerance to THC, you may not want to have even a bit of THC in your CBD medication.

In such cases, using CBD isolates can be a good option for you because it has no other chemical compounds aside from CBD. It is at least 99% pure and will only give you the health benefits of CBD.

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CBD is also a great antioxidant that is great for keeping your body and your brain healthy. So if you are looking to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties and the antioxidants you can get from CBD, you better use it in its isolated form so as to maximize its medical benefits.

  1. CBD isolate is still all-natural

Although you are extracting CBD from the plants through artificial (or even chemical means), the CBD isolates are still all-natural and are sourced from organic plant material. As such, using it as a form of medication is still safe.

CBD isolate also gives people an organic alternative for medicating certain conditions that have chemical-based pharmaceuticals. Such illnesses include schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and many other diseases and conditions. And, as Charlotte Figi’s case would show, CBD isolate might even be a more effective option for you.

  1. As mentioned, there are almost no psychoactive effects

Did we say that CBD isolates come with none of the psychoactive effects you get from smoking marijuana? If you did not catch that earlier, then we are reiterating that fact. Using CBD isolates will not give you any of that polarizing psychoactive feeling. So if you are only interested in the medical and therapeutic properties of CBD, it is best for you to use it in its isolated form.

  1. There are still a few drawbacks

As good as CBD isolates are, there are still some drawbacks to it. One of them is potency. Any person would think that the isolated form of CBD is much more potent than its plant form. However, that is not the case as there was a study conducted that suggests that CBD containing the plant material and any of the terpenes and trace amounts of THC was much more effective in mice than pure CBD.

This is because some of the left-out materials (like the terpenes and the THC) have a synergistic relationship with CBD to improve its effects and therapeutic benefits. As such, CBD will have a heightened effect when it works in conjunction with the other compounds you can find in plant-form marijuana.