What to Know About Dank Kush Pot Seeds

Most of the growers in the world proclaim their home-grown strains as the best and most innovative Marijuana strain that ever existed in modern times. However, the quality that their strains have should not base and only depend on what they tell, rather with how the people react with those.

The true quality of a strain relies on how the world reacts and accepts their product, just like this unique strain. You might be hearing the Dank Kush for a long time and there is a powerful reason why it got its name.

Prepare yourself to smoke this weed and experience the highest quality of a strain that ever produced for commercial and medical purposes.

What’s with the Dank?

It may sound German but this word has initially no connection with being grateful or thankful at all.

The term dank means not as pleasant as what the people expect. In lexicography, it describes a certain condition of a place being humid, wet, damp, musty, moisture-laden or chilly. However, this environmental condition is a favorable reason for our Marijuana seeds to grow and develop a quality strain for the next few months.

Because this term is a resounding joy for the strains, all the weeds produced commercially with superb quality and effect earned the title of being a dank strain, a mark of greatness and excellence.

Slam Dank

The Ocean Grown or OG Kush, considered as one of the famous Marijuana Strain in the world, is the Dank Kush that we all have heard about for the past few decades. This originated from the state of Florida and further developed in the other parts of the United States.

Its parents are the Hindu Kush and a strain hailing from Northern California. Upon its creation in the 90s, the news about this plant spread throughout the United States like wildfire and quickly grown in different states where Marijuana is legal- either for medical and recreational uses.

The genetic blueprint of this plant arrived in California after the successful cultivation in Florida and was further developed and sold commercially. Unexpectedly, the strain was warmly accepted by the great number of users and received many awards from then on.


  • Physical Features


This strain’s looks are similar to the rest of the traditional Cannabis available in the market. It has classic yellow-green to sage-shaded water leaves, highlighted with orange pistils and the dense coating of crystalline trichomes, an indication of high THC Concentration.

Its height ranges from 5 to 7 feet and is known to be difficult to grow. The growing condition of an OG Kush is too sensitive, to the point that a sudden change on its room temperature or physically shaking this plant with bare hands will eternally change the quality of its everything.

The buds are uniquely coated with the crystalline trichomes that made its THC concentration kick in and relatively high. Its flowers have this blanket of resin too. Its resinous materials are so thick, that a doomed user thought it was molded, and so the user disposed the kush and made him miss the most special kush strain in his lifetime.

The flowering time of this strain is the same as the other kush strains with 7 to 9 weeks or 49 to 63 days. Its height, as mentioned earlier, is obviously tall, and with that, it is suitable for outdoor gardening.

The strain is a hybrid one, and with its genetic structure, OG Kush is suitable for warm climates with long seasons. Its origin lies beside the Atlantic Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. As soon as the genetics was flown to California, the strain has found its home near the Pacific Ocean, another warm place with a humid to dry climate.

Because of its high THC volume, the plant’s aroma and flavors range from woody, earthy, and pungent.


  • The Effects


Its THC Content ranges from 20% to 25%- one of the powerful concentrations ever saw by humans. Because it is known to have this high THC volume, OG Kush strains are known to treat the following medical conditions:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue

The OG Kush is one of the most potent Marijuana strains that can immediately knock someone down to sleep while his soul gradually reaches for the nirvana of being high. You can figure out that the strain has kicked in with its users when they start to experience to be relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, and sleepy at the same time.

The strain is suitable for people who have sleeping disorders and experience serious emotional problems that may affect their daily living. 

On the other hand, the THC volume brings create harsh side effects that are felt hours after sleeping so well. The user will experience having dry eyes and mouth, may feel dizziness and be anxious and paranoid after a while.

Warm Hugs

The greater public considered OG Kush as one of the best strains ever produced in the United States, or the best among all to be fair. OG Kush has been widely accepted in both coasts of the United States and continues to dominate and lead in the commercial fields of the Cannabis Industry in their country.

Due to its abilities and potential power, OG Kush has been paired with different strains to create another series of powerful strains that may also lead in the American stores. Aside from being the most popular strain in the US, it is one of the backbone strains among Marijuana Strains all over the world. 

Strains such as the Girl Scout Cookies, Tahoe OG, Skywalker OG, Bubba Kush, and the Fire OG came from an OG Kush strain paired with the other strains.

Up to the present, OG Kush is widely considered as the greatest, best and masterpiece dank kush strain that you can ever hit in any dispensaries and seed banks located within the US States, even in other parts of the world.

If this information struck your heart, then you should try smoking some OG weeds now.

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