What is the benefit of dressing growing marijuana in a biological super soil? Why do we have to fertilize the soil in our marijuana and make organic “super soil” rather than applying the systematic one that can be bought in the market? What is the advantage of compared to other kinds of soil to make cannabis grow? How can you guarantee that your cannabis plant will grow healthy and have potent buds when it was grown in? And basically, what is super soil? All of those questions will be answered in this article. We will list below what are the pros and cons and some other benefits that your cannabis plants would get from super soil.  We will provide much information that you need especially if you are a newbie in cannabis growing, then these readings will help you understand the basics of growing certain plants in a certain medium of soil. 

What is Super Soil?

Super soil is a tag which became popular to the public following the succeeding well-known cannabis grower notable as Subcool delivered a particular set of requirement for generating fertilized soil that releases all the needs of the cannabis plant, at the prescribed correct time, without the need of managing your pH either add extra nutrients. Subcool has been the best guide who teaches cannabis growers the way of making their own super soil, this has been the undiscovered secret throughout the world by those organic growers to crop the productive and abundance of cannabis that could grow wildly in a triple of the whole pitch of the football field. 

Benefits and Uses of Super Soil

Super soil makes a lot of benefits and uses and becomes the main source for cannabis growth. Besides organizing the making of a growing medium fully, the best ingredients in the dressing super soil literally impersonate the main situation that creates cannabis life in the surroundings. You don’t have to worry if you have your super soil the only thing you have to do if you are a grower is to plant taking care and stalk the growth of your plant. The chemicals, extra nutrients, and other managing ph can be prohibited, you don’t need to supply those with your plant you just have to wait and be patient with the time as they grow. With the super soil, it makes your life much easier and productive. You only have to make less effort and moderate things, just make a habit of watering and are ready for the fruitful crop. 

Just like the wild grass in the forest you are reminiscing the picturesque situation of your growing cannabis through the super soil. You are simply re-creating the living soil that further looks like the natural set of soil in the environment. Simply tell them that you have your time for leisure as you’re waiting for your cannabis to be harvested. Honestly making your cannabis grow through super soil is not different from growing them in the wild which is much easier from the point of view of the growers compared to other kinds of growth. In addition, you have the very right to keep in touch with your plant and make taste smells and feel the smoothness from them. 

Pros and Cons of Super Soil 

Here’s the list of advantages and disadvantages of super soil medium:

Pros of Super Soil

  • Better Taste, Smell, Smoothness 

According to those who have been experiencing growing cannabis through super soil raises and supplement the aroma and savor of cannabis contrary to other kinds of the growing process, also way beyond to the over-fertilized of the other plant it produces the sense of soothing and smooth buds. 

  • Great for Indoors and Outdoors  

With super soil, it is a very accommodating flexible method that creates cannabis through the wild and lives in nature. 

  • Natural 

Super soil also could be compared to the natural wealthy soil which can be seen around everywhere and the recipe of the super soil is just simply do it yourself kind of organic ingredients that can be easily made.

  • No Need to Flush 

There is no need to burn up prior to cropping since it does not contain any chemical salt to adopt the flavor and odor of buds. 

  • Can Be Easier to Grow 

After the modified soil is conditioned, super soil makes its best to make your life much easier while waiting for your cannabis to grow much better than any of those methods, prohibiting the use of chemicals and any added nutrients, just pure. Just maintain water and supply their drink and they will grow beautifully until cropping.  

Cons of Super Soil

  • Expensive & Best Suited to Bigger Grows 

At first, it is expected that it’s a little bit costly because you have to dress up the soil in unison, you have to make the best out of it and not by limiting it to just a smaller amount of soil. On the other hand, if you want to just make a little volume of it, either you don’t have much time to do the process, or you have to find a market that offers ready-made from other growers and experts in cannabis. 

  • Need to Plan Ahead 

Make sure to plant prior to growing your organic because it consumes a lot of time which takes 30-60 days before you could use the soil. 

  • Mixing Soil Can Be Tiring 

You have to put extra effort because it contains some tangible labor in blending the soil. 

  • Slightly Slower Growth than Liquid Nutrients 

You don’t really have to put something to make your super soil function towards you when using liquid nutrients might help your cannabis speed up to grow in a voluntary phase. As nutrients supplies are incomplete accessible structures not needing the benefit from any natural nutrients in the soil, with the help of liquid nutrients can make abundance a week or two of your plant contrary to super soil. You may either use both organic soil and well liquid nutrients to have some advantage. 

Having super soil as your best shield to grow cannabis different from any other methods is the best experience. You have the very much recreation of natural weed using the that is much closer and the same in the natural organic way comes in natural nutrients, compared to the chemicals and other science products methods for your plant. Nowadays, growers are much fond of using non-organic comes from the liquid cannabis nutrients method, and as if the second-hand handler who fosters the plant roots. It says that they follow some process in maintaining the pH of their land and providing particular nutrients throughout the cycle of their plant to accomplish flawless development.


Note that making and having our environment less polluted and helps the whole ecosystem of soil rich in nutrients and away from toxic chemicals. The fact that your soil becomes the middle man when you make use of organic and dress up. It supplies direct nourishment to your plant from the help of fungi, microbes, and any other unseen organism which cultivates and naturally enriches your plant to grow. Be productive and resourceful enough to make us the best offer by the environment and make the best to happen.

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