One of the trickiest aspects of marijuana cultivation could be to timing your crop. Marijuana isn’t going to be very potent too long. Too lengthy, and you end up with an excessively narcotic effect, and a flavor too good. Know when to harvest marijuana right time.

Harvest time is the most exciting thing for marijuana growers and cultivators. It is so satisfying that after months of taking care of the plants you’ll get to have the result of your fruitful labor. You will be surely want to get back the money you paid for all the expenses in growing your marijuana plants. Nevertheless, it is important to remain calm and patient and not too quick and excited about when to harvest marijuana. Before anything else, you need to look for a lot of signs of both macro and micro levels to make sure that your flowers are ready to harvest.  

You’ll surely get the perfect quality of marijuana seeds when you harvest it at the right time. Harvesting it early can lessen both potency and yields, and delaying it can produce in more narcotic and sleepy high and less THC.

There are general rules for each marijuana subspecies considering the perfect time on harvesting it. The flowering period of Sativa strains takes after 10 weeks, and Indica strain is usually in 8 weeks, just 2 weeks different for both strains to harvest at the right time. Roughly 10 weeks after the seedling period on autoflowering. Although you need to draw more attention to the detail to make sure you’re going to harvest in a tight time. All the guidelines will surely come out when you start harvesting.

Know The Basics of Harvesting Marijuana

Harvesting marijuana flowers is like harvesting other fruits like grapes. The more you prolong the day of the harvest the more potent you get and stronger alcohol. In cannabis, it increases the CBD content for a longer time to harvesting.

But there are signs you’ll see before harvesting such as: 

  • The stem broadening
  • Leaves starting to yellow and die
  • The pistils turning red
  • Resin on the buds browning and darkening

If you see any of these sign-on your plants then it’s ready to harvest.

When To Harvest Marijuana Plant?

There’s a lot of ways to see or determine the best time on when to harvest marijuana plants. Here are some:

Flowering time

  • Indica – Ready to harvest after 8 weeks of flowering
  • Autoflowers – 10 weeks from seedling to bud
  • Sativa – Ready to harvest after 10 weeks of flowering


  • 70-90% brown – ripe, heavy marijuana
  • 90-100% brown – sharp, heavy marijuana
  • 50-70% brown – young, light marijuana


  • Milky white – ready for harvest
  • Clear trichomes – wait a bit longer
  • Amber trichomes – overripe

If your buds are showing some sign like curl in and have darkened hair, and showing the solid bud underneath than it is ready to harvest. If you want your bud to have a more psychoactive effect, you need to harvest it early. The white trichomes will begin to turn amber or gold if it will continue to mature. The more numbers of gold or amber trichomes, the greater buds to produce a body/couchlock effects.

The bud with the highest level if THC/CBD will show all-white trichomes. If you want your bud to have a more relaxing effect you need to wait another week before harvesting it.

Split the harvesting of the bud and harvest first the top of the marijuana plant. Because if you harvest the top of the plant, the bottom of the plant will continue to develop, which will help to grow overall bud best quality and yield.

Although every cultivator and growers have their own strategies on when to harvest their marijuana plant. It is important to understand the anatomy of the marijuana plant for you to have more knowledge of harvesting.  Because some of the cultivators and gardeners want to harvest their plant early. Growing marijuana is a long learning process for every grower. 

Harvesting Marijuana Indoors 

Start by taking the lamps out of your growing room. So, then, hang a wire from the wall. They ‘re going to need for your crops. Cut the plant carefully at its root, then detach it (upside down) from the string you were just hanging. Switch on a fan and aim it right under the buds, holding humidity from about 45% and temperature from about 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure that the room is dim, and that the extractor fan works.

These supplies are available to professional growers: 

  • Shears or high duty scissors 
  • Isopropyl-alcoholic dish 
  • Maneuvers 

Those shavings will be required to cut through thick plant material. The ethanol is intended to clean your tools and palms, as resin can be very sticky. During the cutting operation, you better believe off wearing gloves, because this can get very messy.

When you cut and hang your plants the next step is to dry out all the extra liquid. This has to evaporate from crops matter because chlorophyll breaks down in the water. You wouldn’t want to dry the crops too fast, because this will trigger some chlorophyll to linger, which will adversely affect your weed ‘s flavor. Therefore you keep the place dark and moderate temperature.

The drying process can be expected to last somewhere around 10 to 14 days. Keep your plants closely watched as they are drying. Please ensure there are no growing or forming molds. (So you keep the humidity low). Maintain also even temperature.

Harvesting Marijuana Outdoors

Cultivation outdoors is much like when to harvest marijuana indoors, and it would be a huge mistake not to prepare it carefully. 

While learning the harvesting basics, you do need to consider the seasons, watch the sun, and worry about your personal health. All of those factors are sure to reward the outdoor harvesting season.

As an outdoor cultivator, all through the life of your marijuana plant, you have tracked the sun. Looking at the sun is crucial to determining how much and for how long the plant receives energy. The sun is by far the most constant and essential element of any sort of gardening.


 Once hairs have darkened and rolled in, buds are prepared for harvest, exposing the strong buds underneath. Harvest plants for more of a “higher” psychological or psychoactive effect on the early side. When buds are permitted to persist maturing, the white trichomes start turning amber / golden. Increasing the number of amber trichomes, more and more buds will generate a muscle or couch-lock “down” effect.

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