If so, you’re most likely dealing with White Powdery Mildew Cannabis, commonly classified to marijuana growers as White Powdery Mold or simply “WPM.” 

White Powdery Mildew is normally an easily fixable small inconvenience, but if you don’t notice it early, WPM can turn into a disaster that ruins a whole cannabis crop!

Assume circular areas of a living, breathing, sticky, flour-looking material appearing on the leaves of your plant without any warning to those who have not encountered WPM. After that, the powdery mildew cannabis can spread easily to many other buds and leaves, making the nugs useless.

Powdery mildew cannabis which also known as the white powdery mildew comes from different kinds of fungi. This powdery mildew has a color ko gray or white powdery that grows on your cannabis plants leaves.

What is White Powdery Mildew Means? 

White Powdery Mildew is a quickly procreating fungus (both asexual And sexual) that knows exactly what to do 2 factors:

  • Eat your cannabis plants
  • Allow more Powdery White Mildew

Thankfully White Powdery Mildew is easy to identify, as it produces white patches of bacterial diseases that stick out against a cannabis plant’s green leaves.

When detected early on, it can be extracted from plants with proper care but any buds with White Powdery Mildew should be removed because they most likely contain a lot more fungi than your sight could see.

What Cause the White Powdery Mildew Cannabis?

  • Poor Ventilation

If the growing area doesn’t change for the fresh air, then the spores will have the change to increase and reproduce. This usually happens in conditions where marijuana is being cultivated in a c closed area or unventilated area- such as a closet, and the safeguard is not taken to change old dry air for new fresh air. 

  • High Humidity

White powdery mildew needs moisture to survive, but it doesn’t actually mean that it needs water. Owning a growing area for marijuana with high humidity is what powdery mildew cannabis plants need to live. This might be a little problem since young marijuana plants grow greatly in a quite humid environment with 40% to 60% RH. 

People who are living in a place with very strong humidity such as the Southern USA or in the UK can buy a  dehumidifier to take control of the humidity in the growing area. This is really important during the flowering stage when the plants need a much lower humidity to prevent the uncontrolled growth of white powdery mildew and molds. 

  • Leaf-on-Leaf Contact

Moisture can build if the two leaves are touching each other, and they are more like to grow powdery mildew cannabis. Unskilled bushy plant with a many of new growing vegetative is very prone to white powdery mildew because they usually have their leaves stick with each other as they are trying to get close to the sunlight.

Skilled growers can remove some of the leaves that are really shaded from the grow light to make small choices that can be seen for White powder mildew. Also removing give energy for the plant to use when finish right and add up the yields.

  • Low/No Airflow

Powdery mildew cannabis had a hard time getting settle in a growing room where the air is being moved. Having high humidity can make the mildew survive in the plant, but the poor airflow has the ability to make it grow. Where in fact a very tiny fan moving air in a growing area will stop the majority of powdery mildew woes. 

3 Step on How to Cure White Powdery Mildew Cannabis

Step 1: Remove White Powdery Mildew from either the leaves – have some water and also some paper towels (tap water works fine). Moist the towels, then utilize them to brush the mildew gently away from the infected leaves while being careful not to fidget spores on any plants.

Step 2: Make sure plants have adequate ventilation and airflow – Even if you do have virtually no ventilation and airflow on your growing space, allowing just two fans can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing WPM while also benefiting the overall health of your crop. If necessary, one fan will fluctuate, which should blow air softly over your plants. Both the plants require adequate air to freshen their leaves gently, making it difficult for WPM to calm down. The second fan will be pointed outward in your grow room to replace old air with fresh air. A fan pointed out from your growing room would push old air out of the room and bring fresh air into the room in turn.

Step 3: Recognize the contaminated crop with one of the choices below to destroy spores to avoid future growth – mix in a clean spray bottle,  your treatment of choice. Be sure to check the guidance on your type of treatment to find the correct dose. Wait for the day for off just before your lights and mist your (freshly-cleaned) plants. Have all the plants even though you don’t really see them with WPM!

How to Get Rid of White Powdery Mildew?

You should have to make a move to get rid of the powdery mildew invasion in your cannabis plants. When you begin planting or transferring your plant into its mature location, you have to make sure that they will transfer in a wide space room. If they are closely planted they basically can make the powdery mildew grow on their leaves.

When you are watering your plant, you have to make sure that you’re doing it during day time so after that, they can receive 5 hours of light. It can be either natural or artificial light, either way still depending on your growing methods. 

If you’re growing indoors, you can also try using the UVC light, which can keep any missed white powdery mildew spores from the weak plants. Growers who have less experience are prone to experiencing this kind of problem because they don’t receive any direct light because of the shading.  

This can make it easy so that there will only less powdery mildew cannabis that can live at the beginning of your cannabis growing journey. It can also increase the benefits of your cannabis plants, for conserving its power and used it more efficiently for the leaves and grow them healthy.

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