Why Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

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Buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online are the most expensive seeds in most seedbanks. With the cost of cannabis and accessories becoming more and more costly, it is now more practical to just grow your own seeds at home.

What are autoflowering cannabis plants?

Autoflowering cannabis plants are plants that will flower in just 7 to 9 weeks. This is the quickest flowering time for any type of cannabis to bloom. Autos will flower faster and without the aid of any special lighting schedule such as a 12 hour light and 12-hour darkness schedule.

Autoflowering marijuana is the best type of plants for the first time cannabis cultivators. It is easy to grow and master because it flowers on its own. Because of its very short life cycle, this type of plant may be grown twice a year. Growing your crops twice a year means you can get higher yields in a year.


What makes these plants better than regular marijuana?

  • These plants flower quicker

These are the quickest to grow of all the types of cannabis. This is a good type of cannabis plant to grow indoors or outdoors and in growing areas with very limited space. You can grow more plants in a year or rotate your crops in a year because of these flowers quickly. You will be able to cultivate weed, vegetables, herbs or flowering plants in your garden and enrich your soil as you do so. Regular cannabis plants can take around 10 to 12 weeks to flower. This very long period will be a drain in your resources as well.


  • These plants don’t need a special lighting schedule

Autoflowering cannabis plants will not require a special lighting schedule such as a 12/12 schedule. These plants are programmed to flower as soon as they reach a certain age. So no matter what lighting schedule you start your plants on, these plants will bloom. You can maintain an 18/6 or a 20/4 schedule until your plants are close to harvesting.


  • These plants will save you money, time and effort

Instead of waiting and cultivating your plants up to 12 weeks, your autoflowering cannabis will be flowering in just 7 to 9 weeks. This saves you three weeks’ worth of electricity, water, nutrients, and care. You will save money to use for improvements in your cannabis growing area or use this to buy more autoflowering marijuana seeds because these are the most expensive.

Is it easy to grow your own autoflowering cannabis plants?

As most seasoned growers will recommend, autoflowering marijuana plants are the easiest to grow. These plants are ideal for people new to growing cannabis and those with no previous experience growing any kind of crop at home. If you are an impatient grower, then autoflowering cannabis plants are for you.

Making your own autoflowering seeds

Of all the types of marijuana seeds in the market, autoflowering cannabis seeds are the most expensive whether you are buying from a local or online seed bank. It is easy to grow auto plants and therefore it is also easy to grow your own autoflowering cannabis seeds.

By learning how to grow your own seeds, you will never have to waste money from buying seeds. No more waiting for your orders to arrive by mail. And of course, there’s no more stress or anxiety when waiting for your seeds.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to do it.

What you’ll need

  • Autoflowering plants
  • LED grow lights
  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Container for seeds
  • Rice or desiccant


  1. Grow your autoflowering plants in good lighting

Your autoflowering plants need strong lighting. Despite stating that autos don’t need a particular kind of lighting schedule, these should still be grown under strong LED lighting to boost plant health. Aside from LED lamps, you may also use HPS lamps. Although HPS lamps are hotter, these will give your plants the brightest light. But for this, you must install additional fans inside your growing area to prevent making the area too hot.


  1. Feed your plants with the best nutrients to boost health and strength

While in the vegetative phase, your plants should use nutrients for the leaves, stems and branches growth.


Cannabis plants require nitrogen which is a mineral that’s needed by growing plants. Fertilizer with more nitrogen is needed at this stage while phosphorous and potassium is lesser. Fertilizer should be diluted in water and then watered to the soil.


Autos need to be fed at least twice a week. The frequency of your feeding should also depend on the instructions on the product packaging.


  1. Water your plants only when the soil is dry

Water your plants using clean, pH-neutral water at least once a day. Water your auto plants when the soil is dry and not when it is wet. This prevents the development of mold and mildew inside the growing area which can ruin your plants’ health.


  1. Wait for the preflowering stage to determine male and the male plants

Autos will flower from 7 to 9 weeks. At this time, your plants will develop pre-flowers. These are unique plant parts that will distinguish female or male plants. Female plants will grow preflowers which are tiny, wispy flowers found along the junctions between the stems and branches of the plants. However, male plants will develop male flowers similar to small balls or sacs. As soon as these sacs mature, these will crack open and burst. The pollen will emerge from the balls and this will naturally move towards the female plants.


  1. Wait till female flowers grow seeds

After allowing the male plants to remain with the females, applying pollen regularly, your flowers will soon develop seeds. Be sure to keep humidity levels low to protect your plants from mold and mildew.


  1. Harvest your autoflowering marijuana seeds

Your seeds will be ready in just a few days. You may now harvest your seeds at this time. Put your fresh seeds in a dry and clean container.


A good container is a mason jar with a tight lid. Place a few bits or rice or a desiccant inside to remove any moisture.


Label your containers with a plastic sticker where you will place important information you’re your name, the name of the strain, the date of harvest and other important information. Place only enough seeds inside the jar; avoid overcrowding.

How long will autoflowering seeds last inside a jar?

Do you know that when kept dry and dark, cannabis seeds can last for a decade? As long as you place your seeds inside a suitable container, you can guarantee the viability of your plants. If you want your seeds to remain viable, place the container inside a dark area like a cabinet or inside a freezer. Never place these near a window or near a heat source.

Can you grow autoflowering plants from clones?

One of the most amazing things about autoflowering plants is that this will only grow from seeds. It can still grow when cloned but it may not be able to retain its autoflowering characteristics. Cloning an auto plant will not keep it from the vegetative stage, therefore, it will just be a waste of time.

Growing auto plants indoors or outdoors

You can cultivate auto plants indoors or outdoors because this cannabis plant does not require any kind of special light to flower. Therefore it can grow indoors where you can closely monitor the lighting or outdoors where it can receive natural light.

But despite being versatile, growing autoflowering cannabis plants is still recommended indoors. Autos have a limited growing schedule, therefore, it is not a good idea to stress your plants even more outdoors. Indoors, you can control lighting, humidity and the nutrients found in soil, therefore, you will prevent stressing your autoflowering cannabis.

Where to find the best autoflowering plants?

The best place to find top notch autoflowering cannabis is from a quality seed bank. This could be from a local seed bank or from an online cannabis seeds site. Just remember to check their product page for autoflowering cannabis seeds strains.

Take note that not all cannabis strains have autoflowering counterparts. You may love a particular strain but chances are, no autoflowering versions are available. For this predicament, it would be best to look for the actual type of seeds you need like Northern Lights autoflowering seeds to find exactly what you need.

Be sure that you are buying only from a reputable online cannabis seed bank to get the best value for your money. You might also be wondering if it could be difficult to order online considering that you have no way of knowing what you will get.

For this one, you must only transact from a reliable cannabis site and avoid scam sites. Read reviews of different seed bank sites and decide accordingly. Never be too eager to buy seeds. Remember to get to know the seed bank first before you start purchasing seeds.

You must also ask around. Do not be afraid to ask people you know about the best seedbanks to order autoflowering cannabis seeds from. Get recommendations from cannabis forums and social media sites.

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