How to Grow Marijuana

Why Grow Marijuana in Hydroponic Setting?

Why Grow Marijuana in Hydroponic Setting?

Why Hydroponic Setting is Important for Marijuana Grow

When you start growing marijuana on your own, you will start to expect that the crops will be potent, most especially if you choose the good seeds. You can basically choose the growing setup according to your preferences. You can select whether you would prefer the soil based system of growing in an outdoor environment, or prefer the more technologically advanced hydroponics system. If you are a beginner in this field, worry no more. With patience, you will eventually learn in time. So, what does a hydroponic setting involve?

First thing that you can realize is that a hydroponic garden setup can be used to grow just any type of plant, it is not only limited to cannabis growing. Therefore, any experience you gain in growing marijuana is usable for other crops that you may want to grow in the future. This type of garden needs you to monitor everything accordingly in order to make sure that everything go well. If you need to be away for period of time, then this type of marijuana growing may not be working well with you. Thus, it is very important to sit down and check your schedule and plants before entering this project.

How Does Hydroponic Set Up Work?

You will typically start with a germinated seed. When you notice that the roots have already sprouted, then you can place the plant in a hydroponic garden. Then, you need to supply it with the necessary nutrients, along with other essentials such as light and food. Then, leaves and roots will start to grow. After which, the plant will then start to enter the so called vegetative stage. Overall you may expect about 4 months from seed germination to harvesting. It is actually quite short as compared to other methods of growing.

If you decide to use two growing areas, one to be used during the initial stages of the plant’s life, and the second one for flowering, then you may expect a lesser time for harvesting, which may be shorted up to 3 months or even less. At the end of the flowering stage, these marijuana plants may now be harvested, and then they are allowed to air dry. By choosing to grow marijuana in a hydroponic setting, you will definitely see all the advantages that it brings. They are far more attainable as compared to other methods in marijuana growing.

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